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Flaming Lips Frontman Wayne Coyne Finds His Groove on Vinyl

Posted on October 9th, by Mike Mettler in The SoundBard Interview. 2 comments

In the above YouTube clip, Wayne Coyne and I discuss “You Are Alone,” the song that opens Side C of the 2 LP set of The Flaming Lips‘ latest full-length aural delight/challenge, The Terror (2013). Notes Coyne of the song, “it consists of a strange emotional chord that was the true spark for the album.”

The Lips frontman and I were in the Lips’ dressing room at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey right after soundcheck back on May 16, and, inevitably, our discussion turned to collecting vinyl and how to store it all before it completely overruns our respective households. “Wasn’t it Charles Bukowksi who said, ‘Find what you love and let it kill you’?” he wondered. “That’s pretty much what we’re doing, right? Yeah, I like the big format. I like all the nuances. The distortion, the murkiness, the grain, the scratches — we make sure it’s all there for you to discover.” Yeah, I love it all too. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Flaming Lips Frontman Wayne Coyne Finds His Groove on Vinyl

  1. Thanks, Cheri! Glad you checked out the music, which is one of the main reasons I do this. :)

    More cool interviews to come in the days and weeks ahead, so stay tuned…

    The SoundBard

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