Kris Dirksen

Just Breathe: Kris Dirksen of Methodic Doubt on Scoring Cinemax’s Hard-Hitting Banshee

Posted on March 7th, by Mike Mettler in TV Ear. 1 Comment


“Just breathe.” That was one of the main kicker phrases for the first season of Cinemax’s hit show Banshee, and it’s an apt description for what viewers needed to remember to do in order to keep up with the show’s breakneck pace of pulse-pounding action, sex, drama, and deep character intrigue. Banshee‘s top-drawer original score only adds to its inherent grit, and credit must go to the duo known as Methodic Doubt for turning in such a haunting and foreboding soundtrack week after week.

Methodic Doubt is a Los Angeles-based composing partnership comprising of Vancouver native Kris Dirksen and Pittsburgh-bred Dane Short. With Season 2 now coming to a head (Episode 9 airs March 7, and the season finale airs March 14), I spoke with Dirksen about the duo’s creative process, the gear they use, and what might be … Read More »