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Posted on October 7th, by Mike Mettler in SoundBard FAQ. 10 comments


Hello and welcome to! I am your humble SoundBard, Mike Mettler. Some of you know me from my years as Editor-In-Chief of such fine publications as Sound & Vision, Car Stereo Review, Mobile Entertainment, and Road Gear, and/or as a contributor to publications like Musician, High Fidelity, Stereo Review, Guitar Player, Guitar World, and Bass Player, to name but a few. For the record, I continue to write all of the Music reviews and conduct artist interviews for both the print and Web versions of Sound & Vision. And you can find some of my archival music-centric writing at

However you came to the SoundBard universe, I’m glad you’re here. You’ll find the common thread to all of my writing is this: I am deeply passionate about great-sounding music in all of its forms, and that passion is at the core of what is all about. If something catches my expert audiophile ear, I want you to hear it too. Few things excite me more than being able to share the unbridled joy of listening to amazing music. I also love talking with artists about their works and their creative process. As Robert Hunter said in a recent issue of Rolling Stone, “There will be a time when there aren’t any of the originators left,” so I feel it’s a vital component of my holy mission to get as much firsthand information as I can directly from the people who make the music we love.

What kind of content will you find here? Let me explain the core categories. Musicians, artists, producers, engineers, sound editors, fellow audiophiles and I will have in-depth conversations about music and its creation in The SoundBard Interview. Albums, singles, and, yes, downloads and streams will be recommended in High Resolution Reviews. I will report on the concerts I attend and how good they sound (or how they could have sounded better) in Love It Live. Being a longtime connoisseur of the best that TV has to offer, I will discuss the finest examples of sound design on broadcast, stream, Blu-ray, and DVD in TV Ear. Artists will discuss the very first albums and singles they owned and/or bought and why that music still resonates with them in The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Finally, I’m a voracious reader, and I’ll cover books that add weight to the written history of music in Turn the Page.

As you can see, we’re in the early stages of getting SoundBard up and running and filled with great, substantive content. Please let me know how we’re doing and what you’d like to see written about here — and whom you’d like me to interview. The bottom line is this: It’s all about finding the next best thing to listen to — whether it just came out today or has been around for years — and understanding why it all sounds so damn good. My ears are hungry for aural sustenance, and I think yours are too.

As always — happy listening!

Yours in mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, and beyond,

Mike Mettler

Founder / Editor-In-Chief


10 thoughts on “Welcome to!

  1. Hey Mike,

    Been waiting for this day. I know you already have a wealth of material and how voracious your appetite is for all that you are presenting here, so I’m happy for myself and all those who join you to be the benefactor of your interviews, reviews, opinions and recommendations.
    I would like to see a time lapse video of 24 hours of Sound Bard to see how you do it. Here’s what I envision:
    Multiple television screens with different programs running, headphones with separate music sources for each ear, all in the midst of the 5.1 audio field with appropriate material running, simultaneously conducting an insightful interview with a legendary artist on a separate Skype screen while checking in with Four Square on your hand held device. Then a trip to the local vinyl shop to unearth some gems.
    All the while, a normal pulse rate.

    Bon Voyage…


  2. Sir T:

    Thanks for such kind and generous words. I will do my level best to consistently create the kind of passion-driven content you (and others) crave. Tell your friends. :)

    Oh, and I am indeed up to your SB time-lapse challenge. I can, in fact, do it with both ears tied behind my back. Stay tuned…

    Yours in higher fidelity,

    The SoundBard

  3. Mr. Mettler,

    Excited to see you back in action, doing what you love to do. Allow me to make a suggestion for an old crony who swore he’d stay current with music, but alas, it’s turned into “it’s Zep or it’s crap!” for me (okay, a fun 80s song pulls me in too). As you review/recommend new music, perhaps a hint/tag/whatever as to what new tunes/artists might entice older listeners? I’m sure newer artists would hate to be compared to others, but sometimes that’s what gets us stubborn mules off of the couch.


    The “Other” Tommy ;)

    • Thank you, “other” Tommy. Glad to be here doin’ what I do. No worries — whenever I recommend “new” music and/or artists you may be unfamiliar with, I will always include direct links to sites where you can listen to their tunes and/or purchase them for continued consumption and enjoyment.

      BIA back atcha,

      The SoundBard

  4. Just saw your 11 bands that you think would top the Beatles.With the exception of Zeppelin,Rush which are totally different styles those other 9 couldn’t tie their shoes even the Stones who are the sloppiest live band ever.From a life long musician{drummer]who loves rock n roll

  5. Great site you have here Mike. I look forward to reading more great articles and interviews that I’m sure are in the near future. I guess I should have known what your career path would be when you were breaking down albums song by song on those baseball road trips back in high school. All the best in the future sir !

  6. Thanks, D-Man. Some things are just ingrained into our DNA from the start, aren’t they? Keep on reading, as there are more album breakdowns and artist interviews galore ahead!

    The SoundBard

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